Thursday, 19 November 2009

Summer Doodles..

Finally got a scanner. Cost me 49.99 quid. Damn Argos, thought you were supposed to be cheap. Anyways, this is basically a summary of my summer doodles. I think this first two were my "sheep studies". Don't ask me why, but I was obsessed with sheeps...
Poem, Sheeps of Bethlehem. Don't know exactly how I moved on from the sheeps to this.
I was wondering why we believe in religion, well some of us. I can't think of anyway that "God" actually exist except a book called the bible that was written and revised by Emperor Constantine and his scholars. I think that religions are basically guidelines for people to be good. But recently it has turned to the reason to declare wars. This is lame. So basically I did some drawings of how religious figures should be these days, the above one being Guan-Yin a goddess that is worshipped in Taiwan.
This one is a text in text. Things and words that pops up in my head when I hear the word "Alah".
Err..this was the sketch for my summer painting. I don't know why but I am never the person who can go straight into work without planning a bit.
No, I'm a not pervert. I was just wondering about the fine line between art and porn. And I think that, and this is totally only my opinion, if it doesn't turn me on then it is not porn. Just like my poor drawing of the girl bending over...
I love patterns. This is my "tribal pattern phase". Inspired by my beloved friend Amalya Goldberg.
Patterns again, but this time more squared. I don't know why I put the girl there, maybe I thought it would be boring with only squares on the spread. I hate having a bad memory...
Patterns again. This is the first time in a long time that I decided to use colors. Usually it's only black and white, with the occasional red. But this turned out alright, I think.
Half of a face and funky hair. Hmm, I think I was looking at Dave's head when I drew this...

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